The First Nations Garden is a great opportunity to forget about the city life in the meantime. Instead, go back to your roots by joining an activity with a native guide. This is the biggest garden about the First Nations and Inuit not only in Canada.

The shady area has many sunny spots and paths that serve as a place to relax and learn more about these communities at the same time.

The know-how and knowledge exhibitions are going to serve as excellent introductions to the works of Native artists and craftsmen.

Among other things, you are going to be impressed by their birchbark canoes, ash splint baskets, baby carriers, caribou antler tools, and so much more. These displays are going to make you appreciate the brilliance of the First Nations and Inuit.

There are plenty of activities and events hosted here throughout the year. The Gardens of Light is a magical event that was launched in autumn 2015.

During this time of the year, the garden is lit up. The Japanese and Chinese gardens join the First Nations Garden as well. This is a night of dreams and, occasionally, devious spirits for the First Nations and Inuit. Join them and experience it for yourself!

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