Built on top of the birthplace of Montreal, Pointe-À-Callière holds incredible national importance. It offers so many amazing artifacts and experiences that you will find yourself returning here soon.

This is the place to be if your goal is to learn about the First Peoples and their relationship with fur traders from France.

The multimedia shows are especially popular. We highly recommend Generations MTL, a multimedia show that serves as an introduction to the history of Montreal.

Take this amazing opportunity to listen to six Montrealers as they share with us what they know about their city.

Head on underground to check out artifacts and remains discovered prior to the opening of the museum. Go through six hundred years of history as you explore the Crossroads Montreal exhibition and immerse yourself in the rich culture of the area.

Make sure to admire the stained glass by Nicolas Sollogoub, as well as the sculpture in the square that commemorates the Great Peace of Montreal.

There is a great exhibition space made for families. A fairly recent addition, this area offers visitors the opportunity to learn more about the Iroquoians who cultivated corn and resided in longhouses by the St. Lawrence River.

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