You might have learned recently that vaping is now allowed in the cabin of airplanes. The new regulations are a little baffling because they allow, for example, passengers to bring an Bargain E-Juice into the cabin. But the bag with the e-cigarette is not allowed to be in the cabin.

With this in mind, here are some tips on how to safely travel with e-cigarettes:

Comply With the Rules

For many vapers, using an e-cig on an airplane is their worst nightmare. So it might come as a big surprise that it’s legal. The only thing you need to ensure is that you pack it appropriately. The TSA’s regulations say that all batteries must be carried in a carry-on bag or as checked luggage. If a lithium battery is a spare, it must be carried in carry-on baggage. This means it will need to be removed from any electronic devices.

Get Battery and Device Safety Checked

An e-cigarette battery contains a liquid solution and heating element, and it needs to be kept charged. But liquid solutions can overheat and become incredibly hot. To prevent this, some e-cigarettes have battery safety mechanisms. If you smoke a lot, then once a week, you should open the e-cigarette and clean it. This helps to keep the battery in good condition.

E-cigarettes are very portable, so carry them in your hand luggage when you travel. After using them, store them in your checked baggage. Some airlines will not allow you to carry e-cigarettes in your hand luggage because no reliable tests show they will not explode. However, you can carry them and enjoy vaping later.

You should set aside about 10 minutes every day to check the condition of your battery. First, take the battery out of the e-cigarette. Put it on a piece of newspaper and bend it back and forth. Then run your thumb across the battery. If the battery feels warm or shows signs of damage, the battery is defective.

Don’t Use a Carry-on Bag with a Device in It

You are required to store your e-cigarette in your carry-on bag but not the checked one. You are not supposed to turn on the vape while on the flight or charge it. Some airlines will want to have the battery disconnected to eliminate the chances of an accident.

It’s not a good idea to take a carry-on bag on the plane with a device in it. Carrying an e-cig around in a carry-on bag violates TSA regulations. The right answer is to carry the e-cig in checked baggage.

But if you want to carry the device on, there is one small mitigating fact: TSA allows passengers to carry one e-cig; the type that heats liquid nicotine) in carry-on bags, if they put it in an e-cig bag.

Parting Shot

The best way to ensure that you are safe when using e-cigarettes while traveling is to comply with the particular airline and also ensure that the battery is in good condition. Ensure that the battery is switched off. The battery is packed safely by packing the batteries separately from the liquids. You can do vaping later at your own leisure.

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