We are inviting you to learn more about the First Peoples of Quebec. An Inuit nation and ten Amerindian nations hail from the province. Take this opportunity to learn more about their fascinating culture with the array of experiences that our museum has to offer.

Fun museum experiences

Apart from works of art and ethnographic exhibits, you can also learn Native history and culture through our activities. Your experience will be further enhanced by our guided tours, screenings, virtual exhibitions, interactive tours, and more!

Stories that go back to a millennia

The Inuit and First Nations know the land better than anyone else. Their intimate relationship with the land has led to the creation of various art forms and unique ways of life.

A vibrant present culture

It is a privilege to listen to their stories as told by both the young and old members of these communities. You will be blown away by the vitality of their incredible cultures.

Hospitality has always been a strong suit of the First Nations and Inuit. The guides, many of whom are Natives, will welcome you into the amazing worlds of these communities. Come visit now if you are on the lookout for authentic learning experiences.