In 1450, hundreds of St. Lawrence Iroquoians established settlements along the La Guerre River. This is the location of the Saint-Anicet municipality today.

The site was discovered when a farmer discovered a tiny axe in his fields. Fast forward to the present, archaeologists have discovered a variety of artifacts and remains.

This is one of the biggest Iroquoian villages found in Quebec.

The expert guides at the center will teach you what you need to know about the village in question. The Kionhekwa exhibition is an informative but fun display that offers us a glimpse into the lifestyle of Iroquoians in the 15th century.

We recommend taking the whole family for a visit on weekends in July and August for the flint-knapping demonstrations, corn-doll making workshops, and traditional food tasting.

If you wish, you can take it a step further by staying in a long house for a night!

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