The native-run La Maison Amerindienne is located in a maple stand on Mont-Saint-Hilaire. This is a social economy cultural enterprise that also serves as an exhibition space and hub.

On top of that, it is considered a place for people to simply get together.

Drop by the interpretation trail and head on to the vegetable patch. Here, you are going to find the “Three Sisters” of the Iroquois: beans, corn, and pumpkins.

They do not just grow together but also help the others grow. The wild berry garden will also make for a fun visit. Do not miss out on the Native meal while you are at it either!

Before the Europeans even made it across the Atlantic, Natives already knew how delicious it is. The permanent exhibition will tell you everything you need to know about the traditional manner of maple syrup making.

On the other hand, the Salon Riopelle is home to works of art and objects donated by artist Jean-Paul Riopelle. He was a nature lover and friend of the First Nations and the museum.

If you have always had a fascination for New France, the fur trade fair re-enactment is going to be perfect for you.

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