Did you know that more than one million people pay a visit to the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts every year? This popular museum is best known for its collection with more than 41,000 works.

The temporary exhibitions are always excellent as well. There are four pavilions to showcase works of art by the Inuit and Aboriginals.

You will find the Inuit Art collection at the Claire and Marc Bourgie Pavilion of Quebec and Canadian Art. Spanning the whole fourth level, it offers priceless insight into the artistic practice of the Inuit. There are works by past and present artists there.

The exhibition serves as a great peek into the way ancient legends and contemporary changes have affected their lives.

Aboriginal Art, on the other hand, is found on the third level of the Founding Identities gallery. This highlights the experience of the First Nations during their contact with Europe.

We recommend you borrow an audio guide to enhance your experience some more.

By doing this, you will get deeper insights and a better understanding of the works of art in the museum. If this does not sound appealing, you might want to check out the guided tours offered by volunteer guides instead.

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